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Why not imagine how that idea will look. If you are at a point where you are serious about moving forward, or just needs a few options on the process. To reduce costs to both me and you, we don't currently have a bricks and mortar studio, but do understand the need to communicate face to face.

If you require Design, Development or Consultation on an existing or new project contact us via the details below.

Phone - 07973 184 181

Email - hello@notepaddesigns.co.uk

Simply send me details of the project and a link to any online resources you want me to see prior to our first meeting.

Look forward to working with you ......

Notepad Designs - Print and Digital Design, Development and Website Support

email - hello@notepaddesigns.co.uk    phone - 07973 184 181     website - www.notepaddesigns.co.uk

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